Joining the 6th North Carolina

What is 18th Century reenacting?

18th Century reenacting is a hobby where men, women and children dress in authentic 18th Century reproduction clothing and for a weekend, try to recreate what life was like in the Revolutionary War time period. In the 6th North Carolina we recreate the life of soldiers and camp followers in a Revolutionary War military unit. Members, wearing reproduction clothing, reenact battles and set up camps to teach the public about what life was like in the time period.

Where do you get the clothing, weapons and equipment you use?

Clothing can be obtained either by making it yourself following correct patterns, using natural materials and following period construction methods or the items can be purchased from small cottage industry businesses called sutlers. Please contact the Unit Recruiter before making or purchasing anything due to the high standards that we require.

Currently, the only weapons allowed are reproduction 2nd Model Brown Bess and French Charleville muskets. Any other weapons must be approved by the unit commander. Equipment such as cartridge boxes, knapsacks, etc. are usually purchased from sutlers.

Once you are ready to start acquiring your items, the Uniform and Equipment Guide will be given to you.

What type of events do you do?

During the course of the year the 6th NC participates in basically two types of events; battle reenactments and living history displays. Battle reenactments consist of reenactors portraying American, British, and sometimes Scottish and German troops recreating a battle of the American Revolution by forming long opposing lines in open fields and as much as possible, duplicate, on a much smaller scale, the actions that took place in the battle. Living history events are where we set up an authentic camp, usually at a historic site, and demonstrate various activities from musket firings to 18th century cooking and crafts. Occasionally the unit participates in parades and attends work shops where repairs to the Regimental equipment are conducted. Although the number of events vary from year to year, approximately 10-15 are usually attended. While the Regiment travels up and down the east coast attending events, most activities take place in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. One of the highlights of the reenacting season is the annual living history event in Colonial Williamsburg.

How much does it cost?

Reenacting is not a cheap hobby and should be considered an investment. To portray a soldier expect to spend approximately $1600. Women can expect to spend half as much. If you or someone you know can sew, considerable money can be saved by having your clothing made. Loaner gear and clothing is available for new members to use when just starting out.

Who can join?

We have no special requirements. In order to take the field as a Soldier under arms, a man must be at least 16 years old. For those under the age of 16, the role of a fifer or drummer is an option.

What about my family?

The armies of the time had a large number of women and children attached to them. As “living history” is definitely a family oriented hobby, wives, children and sweethearts of our modern-day soldiers can take part in representing their 18th Century counterparts. As Regiments moved from camp to camp during the Revolution, wives of the soldiers earned extra money by washing, mending, cleaning, and cooking. These women, called distaff, demonstrate these various activities in camp for the public..

What are the dues?

Required dues are set at $3.00 per year per family. However, as our dues assist in paying for camp gear, gas for the Regimental truck, etc…most members pay more. At the event, camp fees of $10.00 per person per day is required for those eating in camp to help pay for food for the weekend and gas for the Regimental truck.

What does the Regiment provide?

The Regiment supplies its own tents for members to use as well as a period kitchen for the distaff to cook meals for the unit. The 6th NC also owns a truck we use to transport the Regimental equipment in to and from events. The Regiment also provides all ammunition for the soldiers to use at events.

Where is the 6th North Carolina based?

The Regiment is based in North Carolina with members virtually living in every part of the state. We also have members from Virginia and South Carolina in the ranks.