Guard Instructions

The von Steuben Manner of Relieving Sentinels

1. The Corporal of the Guard, with bayonet fixed and firelock advanced, marches the relief detachment at the quick step in two ranks with arms supported to the sentinel’s post (coming to the shoulder as a salute if an officer is passed). The relief sentinel is on the left of the rear rank.

2. The old guard rests (comes to Present Arms) when he sees the relief approach.

3. The Corporal halts the relief detachment 6 paces from the sentinel’s post and commands to the new guard, “Present–Arms!”

4. The Corporal then commands, “Recover–Arms!” and both the old and new guard recover.

5. The new guard, upon recovering, immediately leaves his position on the left end of the rear rank and approaches with the Corporal to within 1 pace of the old guard. The old guard then delivers to the new guard the orders relating to his post, both remaining recovered.

6. Upon receiving the orders the guard, still recovered, exchange places with each other, the new guard assuming the post with his back to the detachment and the old guard marching to his position on the left of the rear rank, where he stands recovered facing to the rear of the detachment.

7. Then the Corporal commands, “Front–Face!” and both sentinels face to the right about.

8. The Corporal then commands, “Shoulder–Firelock! Support–Arms! March!” and directs the relief detachment to the next guard post or back to camp.

9. The new guard comes to and stands at Present Arms until the detachment is gone; thereafter he walks his post.