Join the Adventure

Does reenacting look like fun to you? You will find that reenactors, including the members of the 6th North Carolina, are an amazingly varied lot from all walks of life, united by a passion for history.

The 6th NC Regiment travels to historic sites in the eastern United States, primarily in the Carolinas and Virginia. We primarily participate in living history and battle reenactments, but also in parades, ceremonies, documentaries, movies, school demonstrations and honor guards. Members engage in stimulating conversations with each other and the visiting public, both educating and making Colonial America come alive. And we have fun doing it.

If you, too, are interested in reenacting the American Revolution, we invite you to join us in the 18th Century.

To understand our hobby better, you may wish to read

 How do you start

First, choose an event from our calendar. Some events are better suited for beginners than others. We suggest that you contact a member you know or send us a message though this website so we will know to look out for you.

By attending an event, you will have a chance to observe the 6th NC, attending for a few hours in modern clothing.  This way you can get a better understanding of what this hobby involves before you make any commitments.  We will be happy to show you around our camp,  and answers you questions.